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ServStar is a hospitality management group with an executive team who combine for over 75 years of operational experience in bars, full service dining, nightclubs, finance and marketing. ServStar creates concepts that not only excite, but generate consistent revenue and maintain long lasting appeal. ServStar does not build “hot spots” that run cold. ServStar builds legacy venues with award-winning design, producing year after year results. Whether you are starting from scratch, in mid-build or already open for business, ServStar can provide in depth assessment and strategic framework for building and executing your brand, creating a unique identity in the market, as well as provide daily operational controls with a track record of consistent success.


ServStar is flexibility. Whether you are new to the bar business, looking to expand or trying to step away from day to day operations while still realizing a strong operating profit, ServStar is the solution. With a team of long time industry professionals, we combine solid financial and corporate accountability with passion and flair for the business. Utilizing traditional marketing as well as grass roots/social media, we create a level of visibility that will have your bar recognized locally, regionally and oftentimes, internationally.

Dos Gatos

Welcome to Dos Gatos - where  you'll find the art of the cocktail on full display nightly by a handpicked staff of drink making experts. Your passion for drinking finally has a home.

The Shim Sham Room

A vintage spirit lounge that is never stuffy...Our classically trained bartenders will lovingly create everything from an extraordinary Old Fashioned to a Jager Bomb. We take pleasure in other people's leisure.

Scarlett O'Hara's

Winning “Best Bar” for the eighth year in a row, Scarlett’s is a St. Augustine tradition! Located in the heart of Old Town, Scarlett’s is a fun place for casual southern fare and great cocktails.


Hoptinger ServStar

 A contemporary American bier garden where we value drinking good bier, dedication to craftsmanship, eating quality food and keeping good company.

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